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Why they are like Krishna-Arjun and not Karna-Arjun in today’s Corporate Kurukshetra!

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Mahabharat, the greatest epic ever written, gives us so many lessons of life with glimpses into many dynamic and powerful characters. One the most impactful relation depicted in the Mahabharat is the one between Krishna and Arjun showing how they learnt from one another as much as learnt with one another. The Bhagavad Gita which narrates the conversation between Krishna and Arjun at the Kurukshetra war offers ageless wisdom into leadership, their teamwork and planning. We see how the duo’s friendship evolves into a strong and undefeatable teamwork, with Krishna’s strategic vision and leadership and Arjun’s exemplary skills in archery leading to their victory in the war.

Is it time for a Brand Analysis?

Brand Analysis

Whether you are a one-year-old brand or an established one, one factor that every brand needs to revisit periodically is brand analysis. Think of it like a healthy assessment of your brand or a health check for your brand with a brand analysis. Even strong brands need a reality check or health check to keep them on track!