Branding – the smart way to be heard in a congested marketplace!


If you have been living in Mumbai, you are probably used to the traffic snarls which keeps Mumbai’s motorists fretting and delays their daily commute on the road. But now with the construction of various Metro Lines going on in a full swing and work in more corridors picking up the pace, the congestion is about to get worse.

Virtual meetings – reclaim your time and productivity on the move!

Step out of office for a meeting anywhere in the city and it takes you endless hours through the slowly moving traffic and congestion to reach your destination. The recent Metro works have only added further to the traffic woes. A study conducted in 2018 has revealed how traffic jam in just four metro cities costs India a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh crore!

From Chaos to Clarity – Understanding how and why Brand Architecture matters!

From Chaos to Clarity - Understanding how and why Brand Architecture matters!

Some time ago, a client came to us with a problem that we see all the time. Victor Manickam was an organization that works in the arena of providing knowledge and education to people from different walks of life. But their branding was too complicated and complex, and the stakeholders – be it internal or external, remembered the company as the program they were leading or participating in. This totally diluted the brand loyalty.

Their immediate problem was that they lacked proper brand architecture. What they needed was a new way of structuring their brand to bring their full range of services into focus, and at the same time, to simplify things for the end customer.

So What’s So Unique About You?

So what’s so unique about you?

As an entrepreneur, you might have come across various branding terminologies – the primary being “branding” itself and “positioning statement.”

So to get this straight, branding creates positive user expectations of reward from your products or services. Positioning establishes a preference for your brand relative to competitive offerings based on the perception of a unique and important difference.

Should Startups invest in innovative packaging and branding?

I am Satyajit Hange the Co-founding farmer of Two Brothers Organic farms, so there are farms located south of Pune 150 Kms its a two hours drive from Pune. I first met Phi and I came in touch with Phi, I think 2 and half years back when we, me and Ajinkya were on farm when we quit our jobs and started the farming so we were in search of an agency that would do justice to the work that we were doing on the ground. So we were looking for somebody who will help us brand the farm, who would help us brand the products and take it to organised retail and markets in urban areas..