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Brand Strategy

“That’s not we are really about. We used to do this but that’s not the only thing we do now”
“We are not able to charge a premium while our competition, despite being expensive get all the attention/business”
“We have to constantly struggle to sell ourselves to every prospect/ potential customer/client. It’s an uphill task!”

If you identify with the above scenario(s) then you have a brand that’s all over the place, or worse still, you don’t really have a brand.

One of the biggest misconceptions about brand strategy is that it’s a list of activities you do. Your brand strategy is not a to-do list. Neither is your brand your logo, your website, your brochure or your presentation

Brand strategy is all about:

  • identify the WHAT of your business
  • identify the WHY of your business
  • identifying and articulating your differentiation against the competition

A right brand strategy usually ends up being the fulcrum on which all marketing communication and collaterals are designed.

At Phi, the brand strategy is not a presentation/solution we give. It is something that emerges, after a set of actions (workshops and activities); collectively, bringing in a broader and 100 percent sign up to the outcome.

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