Great Packaging Can Do Amazing Things for Your Brand

Should I redesign my packaging or not? If this is the question that is bothering you well my friends I have got an answer for you. Hi, this is Vishaal Shah from Phi Creative Solutions , Instead of asking whether you should redesign your packaging the correct question you should be asking is that “Hey..Is my current packaging stopping the growth of my brand? Are the right kind of c onsumers picking up my brand or the product?Are the wrong kind of customers picking up my product or most importantly is the audience for whom the product that is this intended, Are they really consuming it? If the answer to the any of the question above is NO then you have to go for redesigning your packaging.

Why SMEs Need Branding


Often clients who approach us for the first time ask us, “Is there a secret behind successful brands?!” and we say yes! And the secret lies not just in how they brand themselves but also in “when” they started working on their branding. Because successful brands do not happen by chance. They are carefully developed over a period of time.

Should Startups invest in innovative packaging and branding?

I am Satyajit Hange the Co-founding farmer of Two Brothers Organic farms, so there are farms located south of Pune 150 Kms its a two hours drive from Pune. I first met Phi and I came in touch with Phi, I think 2 and half years back when we, me and Ajinkya were on farm when we quit our jobs and started the farming so we were in search of an agency that would do justice to the work that we were doing on the ground. So we were looking for somebody who will help us brand the farm, who would help us brand the products and take it to organised retail and markets in urban areas..

Social Media and Print Media

Social Media and Print Media

Why they are like Krishna-Arjun and not Karna-Arjun in today’s Corporate Kurukshetra!

Mahabharat, the greatest epic ever written, gives us so many lessons of life with glimpses into many dynamic and powerful characters. One the most impactful relation depicted in the Mahabharat is the one between Krishna and Arjun showing how they learnt from one another as much as learnt with one another. The Bhagavad Gita which narrates the conversation between Krishna and Arjun at the Kurukshetra war offers ageless wisdom into leadership, their teamwork and planning. We see how the duo’s friendship evolves into a strong and undefeatable teamwork, with Krishna’s strategic vision and leadership and Arjun’s exemplary skills in archery leading to their victory in the war.

Is it time for a Brand Analysis?

Brand Analysis

Whether you are a one-year-old brand or an established one, one factor that every brand needs to revisit periodically is brand analysis. Think of it like a healthy assessment of your brand or a health check for your brand with a brand analysis. Even strong brands need a reality check or health check to keep them on track!

Why your Logo is not your Brand

When most people think of branding, the first thing that comes to mind is logo designing. However, a common mistake people make, especially when starting a new business, is confusing logo designing with branding. Both are different and are not interchangeable. It is widely misunderstood that logo is the single entity needed for branding. How can you differentiate between Logo and Branding? Well, here’s the hitchhiker’s guide to the branding galaxy!