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The Company

​The ​Vivan Group – Headed by two generations of the Jain family and headquartered in Mumbai, Vivan Group have a diversified portfolio of businesses and a proven track record in each of the segments they operate in.

The Challenge

The group was running multiple successful businesses, the flagship Jewellery business since 1937, but each one functioned as an independent brand with no connections or synergy with the other business brands.

Our Idea

Phi suggested the amalgamation of all the businesses under a parent company called The Vivan Group. The Branded house approach was used, ensuring that the brand name given to the group reflected in the businesses and ensured that the benefit accrued in one business, in terms of brand visibility, helped the other businesses in the group.

Phi created their master logo – a sparkling star in a triangle. The star signifies their essence and the triangle a mountain – both very strong representations defining their mission. The blue colors signifying trust, honesty and dependability. Similarly, Phi created the logos of the other verticals by giving them different color combinations – each color signifying the areas of their business.

That done, Phi also created and designed their House Styling with the same color schemes, adding class and sophistication to the overall branding of the group.

Phi created their website that not only communicated their vision and mission as a group, but also clearly demarcated ​their business verticals, thereby creating a brand identity of each business, while also ensuring the homogeneity of the parent brand.

​In order to ensure ​that the new branding was consistently communicated to their audience in tranches. For Vivan Ornaments, Phi created and activated the social media platforms, and with regular visuals, creatively designed campaigns, and strategic communication, audiences are not only noticing the brand (giving it high recall), but also associating the brand with quality, trust and integrity.

Also, for the launch of their jewellery store, Phi created live facebook videos of the store being inaugurated by celebrities Dia Mirza and Gauhar Khan. The videos were very well received and created the required buzz around the brand.

The Result

​The brand now has a high recall value. The transition has not only been seamless, but also powerfully positive. The new branding has transitioned this business from the ordinary and mundane to extraordinary and unique; and from local to national. The business seems to have come together cohesively and the brand now looks like it is following the mantra of ‘success by design.’

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