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The Company

Elppe, a 22-year-old brand has carved a niche for themselves in the chemical industry handling range of projects involving hazardous reactions to chiral chemistry, synthesizing key basic intermediates to challenging advanced molecules required for manufacturing high-quality chemicals for the pharmaceutical, polymer and specialty chemicals.

The Challenge

With an aggressive growth strategy and focus on new customer acquisition from Europe and North America, the company realized that the right presentation and positioning was required. While they had state of the art infrastructure, a quality that their existing customers vouched for and noteworthy experience, the identity was too dated.

Our Idea

For a developed nation company to outsource its hazardous chemistry process to another company in India, the company needed not only to be professionally run but also look and visually converse in a way that they can relate to.

Also, infrastructure, experience, and expertise was the bare minimum eligibility that these companies were looking for. The positioning had to address the WHY of the business – “Why should someone do business with Elppe?” and more importantly “Why is Elppe in this business?”.

The BRAND STRATEGY workshop which was done as a group activity with the key stakeholders of the company ensured that the answers to these questions emerged from the collective. The new positioning of “Crafting Enduring Partnerships” – lead to ownership that was much higher and deeper thanks to this approach.

A revamped identity design that reflected the ethos and values of the brand, a professional website that drew resonance with the target audience and precise communication presentation ensure that the new revamped Elppe was launched to the world.

The Result

The letter from the client is a testimony to the kind of work we have done.

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