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The Company

Choksey Chemicals is in the business of manufacturing construction chemicals that are used for strengthening and beautifying houses, offices, roads, bridges, airports and many other structures by providing easy solutions of pre and post construction chemicals under a single roof.

The Challenge

The products manufactured by Choksey are comparable to the best in the industry. Despite this, the company had been struggling to make a breakthrough in the market since it was unable to market its products well in the past. So the challenge was to create a strong brand that could carve a niche for itself in the market and compete with market leaders in the segment.

Our Idea

Clearly, what Choksey was lacking was a brand that people could identify with. We started with doing the complete branding for their flagship product – a waterproof adhesive – and gave it an appropriate name – Fixguru. The name clearly reflected not only the industry and the nature of the product, but also resonated with the target audience since it was very ‘catchy’.

Thereafter, we designed an appealing logo for the brand that aptly captures the business’s connect with the construction industry. The positioning statement – “FixGuru Waterproofing Solutions” – further reinforced the business Choksey was into.

The stationery and packaging that we designed for them further strengthened this positioning. The new envelopes now have a tagline “Choksey- Constructing Confidence since 1985”, so we could highlight the years of expertise that Choksey has in the business. This would help create a greater sense of trust in the brand. We also undertook the complete cycle of online promotion for the newly created brand to ensure maximum reach and generate quality leads.

The Result

The branding efforts reaped rich dividends for Choksey, since soon after the branding campaign the company started getting a lot of inquiries from retailers for Fixguru. It is now a well established brand in the market with strong recall.

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