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The Company

The Victor Manickam Knowledge Group is in the arena of providing knowledge and education to people from different walks of life. They offer unique and innovative programs that have an everlasting impact on quality of life, education, career, business and professions.

This programs positively impact the quality of their life and areas of work/businesses that they are engaged in. They work on developing new models of education and create sustaining business models for our customers.

The Challenge

The branding was too complicated and complex and the stakeholders – be it internal or external, remembered the company as the program they were leading or participating in. This totally diluted the brand loyalty and it was a classic case of four blind men and the exploration of the elephant.

Our Idea

It was time to simplify things. We started about by creating an umbrella body – The Victor Manickam Knowledge Group. The Group is an embodiment of the spirit of one person ie Mr. Victor Manickam – someone who has invested 40 years of his life into understanding how we as humans think, work, interact and live their lives.

Hence it became very obvious that when an umbrella brand had to emerge, it had to be of Victor Manickam and that brand can stand for only one thing – KNOWLEDGE. And that’s how the Victor Manickam Knowledge Group emerged. The umbrella brand that, through its various sub brands, empowers and changes individuals and businesses through knowledge and a better understanding of the world around them. With the maze of self-discovery as its mnemonic the branding of the group brand seemed complete.

When this light of knowledge reflects on someone – that person shines. And when someone shines, they give out a bright light changing the environment around them for the better. SHINE as a sub-brand for the various businesses of the Group emerged as an obvious choice.

Each sub-brand was arrived at after immense thought and deliberation. The sub-brands had to look like it was a part of the whole and at the same time was complete on its own.

All of the above are sub-brands and they reveal the intention and the purpose in 3-4 words through the names itself.

The Result

The design has been kept as minimalist as possible. It talks less, but speaks volume. On the surface level the mnemonic design is clean and appealing, but at a thought level, all these mnemonics are deep. Reflecting the culture, content and approach of the Victor Manickam Knowledge Group.

The above branding was supported by a series of marketing collaterals which communicates with the intended target audience at a one to one level.

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