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The Company

Malisa – A brand, recently launched by the 57 year old company Jakbrillo. With their feet firmly grounded in innovation and technology, this brand was launched under three main categories – Laundry, Paint and Healthcare.

The Challenge

An innovative new product with clear differentiators needed a brand name that was high on brand recall, and yet described the product relevantly. Since it was a product that had an emotional appeal, it was critical that the brand ‘connected’ with the targeted customer.

Our Idea

Starting from the start, Phi conceptualised the entire architecture of the brand. Thereafter, Phi suggested, strategised and created ‘Malisa’ – an acronym of ‘MAking LIfe SAfer.’ That was the name that was devised for the parent brand, overarching their three categories. As the acronym suggests, it home when we see the product range – from making homes and life safer. Phi created the beautiful ‘guardian angel’ logo – an instant and complete representation of how magically homes and lives are kept safer by our guardian angels! Further, Phi helped categorize the Malisa brand into its three verticals, giving each category extended names with taglines, and a beautiful color of its own to clearly identify itself with.

Phi carried forward the ‘angel’ theme to some more platforms and created the multiplex and mall ads along with flyers of the same. Phi also suggested the design and packaging of the products which were instantly approved.

The Result

The Jakbrillo team is now ready to launch its new brand – with and as ‘Malisa’ – the beautiful guardian angel that keeps us safe. The softness in the name was so compelling that the brand had an instant connect with its stakeholders – magical and protective.

Armed with Malisa, Jakbrillo is going to be reaching out for the stars. Well, that is where the angels stay.

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