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The Company

Krishnai Hospital originally started as a small speciality centre over a decade back in Mumbai. It has now grown to become a premium multi-speciality tertiary care hospital and is considered as a centre of medical excellence in Maharashtra.

The Challenge

The hospital started functioning in 1992 and was then known as M J Hospital. Initially it had 25 beds and only 10 doctors. It has grown over the times and evolved into a large multi-speciality hospital with one of the largest Intensive Care Units (ICUs), most advanced 2 modular operation theatres and 1 cath lab with more than 35 consultants and manpower of nearly 100. So, the challenge was to provide a well-executed re-branding strategy that could help the hospital not only attract patients from across the globe for specialized medical treatment, but also find the most skilled doctors for the job.

Our Idea

Entrusted with the complete branding responsibility of Krishnai, we first focused on designing an attractive and meaningful logo for Krishnai Hospital. It depicts a set of hands (of the caregiver, i.e., Krishnai Hospital) reaching out to hold the patient’s hands, thus conveying that patients can trust Krishnai Hospital to take care of their health. We also designed the tagline – “Caring hearts, healing hands” that further reinforced this message.

We also designed a world class website with a global appeal for the hospital. This was done in keeping with its positioning of a super-speciality hospital. The brochure and house styling also have a global appeal and were designed in keeping with the overall positioning of Krishnai Hospital.

The Result

Krishnai Hospital is well on its way to establishing a strong name for itself in the market and is emerging as a healthcare provider of choice not only for patients in Mumbai, but across the globe. It has also become easier for them to tap experienced doctors, who will further help strengthen the hospital’s positioning in the market.

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