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The Company

PH Diagnostics is a reputed pathology clinic with 16 centers in India. It offers complete range of diagnostic services at its state of the art centers in Pune.

Its emphasis on quality and integrity has seen it scale new heights of growth since its inception in 2001. It is now setting up international operations as a part of its growth plans.

The Challenge

When entering the new markets of Middle East, the company wanted to position itself as an international diagnostic clinic with quality and innovation standards at par with its global counterparts. For this, it had to shed its existing image and go with a complete branding overhaul to ensure that its foray into international market aligned with the brand perception it portrayed.

Our Idea

Looking at the company’s need to cater to a wider geographic audience, we recommended a total overhaul of all its marketing and communications products – right from its corporate logo and office supplies materials, and to its corporate website and referral pads. The clean lines and crisp design matched its vision of expanding globally.

“We were entrusted with doing a complete overhaul of the brand perception of the clinic, in line with the company’s need to cater to a wider geographic audience. We designed its new marketing and communications products –”

The Result

With the branding exercise, the clinic was able to present a clear portrayal of the rapid strides it intends to take in the international landscape.

This enabled the clinic to align its international expansion to a similar branding strategy. As a result, the clinic will attract new audience attention in the Middle East with a concise and clear positioning.

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