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The Company

Shivani Scientific – An established company, in the business of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) and Bio – Medical Equipment, with a proven track record of 40 years.

The Challenge

With over 40 years of experience in this business, Shivani Scientific gradually progressed from being a trader of medical equipment to innovators; manufacturing high tech IVF devices. With the experience they gained over the years, they steadily created their own manufacturing units and currently have 2 patents registered in the US and 17 patents filed for registration internationally!

As they started to scale as manufacturers, there was a pressing need for the management to now present the brand in a completely new light.

Our Idea

Being an old client, Phi was already attuned to their need for rebranding. Phi started by creating a new logo unit and their brand positioning around two keywords – innovation and technology – positioning them as innovators and creators in IVF technology equipment. These two values were succinctly captured in two well designed and apt posters, each one reaffirming their focus on the same values.

If the internal stakeholders are aware of the company’s vision and future plans, the chances of success are inimitably a given. Therefore, in order to reorient the staff with their new positioning and growth, Phi designed the desktop wallpapers for the organisation, one for each calendar month, emphasising their core values of creativity, hard work, innovation etc.

The new positioning of the brand was highlighted to the external stake holders through one-page print ads for a trade magazine (and others) and eight-page brochure for two of their new and innovative Products/Services – Modular CASA and Labcare were designed.

A corporate video – that captured not just their entire journey, mission but also the way ahead was explained concisely, relevantly and appropriately through 2D animation.

The Result

A complete turn around in brand positioning from hallmark traders to manufacturers and innovators of high end products.

The company is now ready to take on added roles, turning everything they touch to gold…

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