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The Company

Delight, a startup in the beauty and personal care accessories space, specialising in manufacturing hair brushes, combs and other related products for end consumer as well as Salons.

The Challenge

For any startup, the resources are always limited. You have to make optimal use and at the same time hit the ground running, irrespective of your competition. The challenge becomes all the more daunting when you are pitched against well entrenched national and international players.

But if you have a promising product and an experienced management team then that can lead from the front, then you know that you need to position it accordingly – resource crunch or not.

Our Idea

Phi devised the complete brand strategy that was inline with both – the long and short time vision of the company. With their vast experience in both the B2B and B2C segments, Phi was able to create the entire brand architecture for the client.

It all started with giving a brand name – “Delight” and defining the nomenclature of the series of products. It was critical to do so because each series was targeted at different retail spaces and to different audiences with different messaging.

A great product needs a complimenting packaging and that’s where Phi stepped in – from concept to completion. Phi created a complete mock-ups of the packaging – artwork, choice of colors and paper, content, positioning, etc. This packaging was designed for over 120 different product SKU’s that Delight offered.

Beautiful and eye-catching photographs, that resonated with the strategy and positioning, were clicked in-house in an elaborate photo shoot. From art direction to the play of light and color – all was done by the Phi team.

Marketing collaterals in the form of a product catalogue for B2B and trade customers was created while digital credential deck was created in the form of a website.

The Result

The product launch was super successful – the company got great reviews for their products and the packaging. And they look beautiful – not just by their own looks, but in their presentation.

Every product carries its own brief content, describing its usage and benefits. Perfect for a professional and non-professional. Their products are being picked up by the end consumers and salons across General Trade, Large Format Retail trade and on online market places.

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