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The Company

In the business of men’s textiles for over 10 years.

The Challenge

In order to stand out from the crowd, a thoughtful and relevant identity for Mehru was critical.

With over 18 years of widespread experience in the brand creation, strategy, and marketing, Phi was able to create a new, unique, classy and relatable brand identity for Mehru. Their brief was very clear – they needed a logo that was not very fancy, mono chromed, uncomplicated and could be registered.

Our Idea

Phi created their logo in one color combination – black and green. Black was chosen as a representative of the favourite color for men, while green was embodiment of the cotton plant. Mehru approved the color combination in one shot and were happy and extremely satisfied.

Phi also designed their stationery, keeping the style basic and simple. The front page and back page of their fabric catalogue was also styled and designed by Phi. The color palette was kept simple, with black and green being the colors of focus throughout.

The fabric tags/labels that are a part of the finished products were also designed by Phi. Simple with internationally clean and clear branding and instructions.

The Result

As Mehru steadily grows from strength to strength, Phi feels proud and humbled to be a part of their interesting journey.

Armed and confident with their own brand and identity, it is easy to see how they easily stand out from the crowd. When a great product is married to an extraordinarily unique identity – success is destined. They are now a brand to reckon with…

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