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The Company

Tapasya is an innovative granulation company offering integrated process & validated solutions to a wide spectrum of industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, food and chemical entities worldwide.

Innovation is at the core of its operations and puts it far ahead of its competitors in the market.

The Challenge

With a successful run in the Indian market over the years, the company now wanted to foray into new markets across the globe. That meant creating a brand new identity for the company with a global appeal.

Another challenge was that the company was primarily associated with the pharmaceutical domain, despite its expertise in manufacturing machinery for many other industry segments.

Our Idea

To establish Tapasya as brand to reckon with, it was critical that they moved from the product space to solution space. Also, in a cluttered market space, it was necessary to offer that one singular reason why someone would do business with Tapasya.

After series of sessions with the clients and understanding the perspective of Tapasya from their existing customers, their new positioning statement arrived –
“Designing Solutions Delivering Innovation”.

We also revamped their logo, website and product catalogue. The new catalogue brought to the fore the aspect of innovation that drove Tapasya’s operations and the cover page itself made its presence across different industry segments amply clear, thus eliminating a purely pharmaceutical association and giving it a wider reach.

We also did a corporate video shoot for Tapasya and did their online promotion to further reinforce their new brand identity.

The Result

When the new and improved brand was launched at the CPHI exhibition, it garnered a huge response, thus proving that our efforts had paid off.

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