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The Company

Enaltec, essentially a pharmaceutical company, is one of the few independent Indian API suppliers with world class infrastructure.

The Challenge

Enaltec has emerged as a very successful and fast-growing company in the global pharmaceutical industry, with international stakeholders.

After a decade of consistent success in the fields of formulation development and API Research & manufacturing, Enaltec felt it needed to revamp the brand in keeping with its growing global footprint. As a result, there was a need to lend the brand a more global appeal. Also, with new activities and growth areas, it had become imperative for them to segregate their business into 3 key areas of specialization.

Our Idea

Right from designing their first logo and website, Phi has been an integral part of the growth story of Enaltec right from the time they started their in 2006. We had been entrusted with creating their brand from scratch, managing it over the years, and now, to rehaul it and give it a global makeover.

Using our unique 360 degree landscaping approach, we created their new logo, house styling and established their online presence. With focus on regulated and semi regulated markets, we decided on a brand identity that cut across geographies with its simplicity and subtlety. Moreover, with a fresh look and feel, the new website also drew attention to their core business areas through an intuitive navigation and design.

The Result

The company recently launched its new website and has been getting a great response ever since.

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