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The Company

Varenyam is a new entrant in the pharmaceutical sector in India. Its parent company, Bharat Parenterals Limited (BPL India), is already an established brand in the pharmaceutical sector and deals in exports of pharmaceutical products. Varenyam, as a brand wanted to establish its own identity but at the same time use the parent company’s legacy to its advantage.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build on BPL India’s legacy and facilitate in establishing Varenyam a strong player in the highly competitive pharma market in India.

Our Idea

To make Varenyam stand out in the competitive pharmaceutical landscape, it was important to create a strong brand identity that would resonate with the audience.

As part of the branding exercise for Varenyam, we worked on creating a distinct brand by first creating a logo that symbolizes a healthy body. It was a clear reflection of the nature of the company’s of business, yet showed how people’s health was its priority. Then, in keeping with the overall branding strategy, we also designed their corporate brochure and did the complete house styling.

The Result

The branding efforts were certainly worth it since the company managed to break through the highly cluttered market in a relatively short time span. It is now well on its way to becoming an established brand in the market.

The CEO of Varenyam, Mr. Bhahim Desai, was elated with the response he received and even sent a letter of appreciation to the Phi Team, lauding the efforts. He stated, “We had a vision which needed the right creativity to express it, and you guys have done a spot on job. I thank you for a job well done with the narrow timelines we had hanging on our heads”.

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