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The Company

TESSOL is a globally recognized venture, offering next-generation storage and logistics solutions across the temperature controlled supply chain based on proprietary clean energy technologies developed over last half a decade.

The Challenge

Many businesses are started and as they face the market realities, their business model, their offerings, their target audiences start evolving evolve. It’s critical that when this happens the branding and it’s related communication reflect the current state of the business.

Our Idea

From a Thermal Energy Solutions company, TESSOL has evolved into cold chain logistics solutions provider. Keeping in mind this new focus area, a new brand unit was created for TESSOL, with green (depicting freshness) and blue (depicting frozen) colors and a tag “Innovate. Preserve. Grow.” which encapsulated everything that the brand stood for.

The elevator pitch statement succinctly explained what TESSOL did.

With multiple offerings to different stakeholders across the logistics chain in different verticals, there was an acute need to simplify it. We understood the business and created an infographic that aptly depicted the universe of TESSOL.

Asking relevant and engaging questions, a matrix was created that clearly showcased the features and benefits of the brands offering.

A corporate brochure was created which focused on the brand and a solution/product catalog was created that focused on what the offered.

Also, posters and signages were created for exhibition participation in understanding the flow of the visitors and how they would interact with space. Deliberate simplification of the graphics was done to ensure that the message was not missed out.

The Result

Today, TESSOL has an absolutely defined communication across its different stakeholders. Its a constantly evolving area and the work being done is constantly update as we progress ahead on this journey.

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