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The Company

TESSOL is a globally recognized venture, offering next-generation storage and logistics solutions across the temperature-controlled supply chain based on proprietary clean energy technologies developed over the last half a decade.

The last-mile distribution of temperature-sensitive products is a huge challenge in India and other developing economies because of the lack of reliable options and the high cost incurred on cold chain transport. TESSOL aims to address this problem by making last-mile cold chain accessible and viable for all.

The Challenge

TESSOL started off as a project company offering customized Thermal Energy Solutions to companies for their cold chain requirements. Over the years, it moved out from the projects space and created a suite of products which could be adapted to different industries for their varied cold chain logistics requirement.

With products that could be fit across different industries for different applications and different purposes, the challenge was to ensure that the marketing communication was relevant for all. For example, the cold chain logistic requirement of a dairy company is very different from the requirement of a pharmaceutical company.

It was this dual communication challenge, viz a) change from a projects company to a solution company b) communication collateral for the cross-industry audience; that needed to be addressed,

Our Idea

The company had made significant inroads into the industry with its brand name – TESSOL. So after careful evaluation, we retained the name and give a new brand design with the positioning statement of “Innovate. Preserve. Grow”

The green signified Freshness (which was their product promise – the freshness of the product which is delivered from point A to point B) and the blue signified freezing / cold solution. The simple tilt in the mnemonic signified motion/logistics while the modular blocks were representative of their product philosophy – modular and adaptable to any challenge.

The print marketing collateral was split into a corporate brochure and a product brochure. The corporate brochure offered a birds-eye view about what the company did and offered to its customer. Whereas the product brochure deep divided into the features, benefits, and application of the various products/solution the company offered.

Two unique infographics were created which communicated the offering of the brand TESSOL

The website was designed to ensure branding and lead generation with a strong focus on Solutions, Technology, and Applications. Also, the website asked relevant questions leading to the right answer/solution.

The infographics done to explain the concept has become an integral part of their communication across different platforms and mediums.

The Result

Today the TESSOL has shed it’s industrial era image and is more of a new age, innovation-driven, a technology company offering cold chain logistics.

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