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The Company

Aditya Corporation is in the business of real estate and have been transforming spaces into premium destinations for working, residing and retail activities.

They were coming up with a luxurious first home project, a shopping mall cum multiplex and two towers on a beautiful location between Diu (the union territory) and Una (a commercial hub town on the border of Gujarat). The project was flanked on one side by a bird sanctuary and the other side the Arabian Sea.

The Challenge

When we conducted a physical recce of the plot we realised that despite the credentials of the promoters, the fabulous location, first of its kind luxurious amenities being offered in the area, the self-sufficient infrastructure; we knew that the stumbling block would be the “perceived middle of nowhere” location of the project.

Our Idea

Apart from naming the project we knew that we had to name and develop the brand of the area. We christened it as “New Diu” – a beautiful locality that consisted the best of Diu and Una. We had to closely collaborate with the project Architect and the promoters to ensure that the project had all the characteristics that a brand spoke about.

From there on emerged the project names – all created as sub brands which can be promoted and targeted to different audiences. Also the nomenclature of the different spaces was done keeping in mind the overall brand positioning.

A series of bilingual marketing collaterals were developed for different purposes.

The Result

The advantage of doing multi-brand approach was that they could have a marketing campaign promoting different projects across the promotion cycle; all under the common umbrella name of New Diu.

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