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The Company

Apex is a real estate company offering premium housing solutions to clients in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The Challenge

Being a new player in this space, the company needed a specific strategy to attract buyers, since real estate is all about trust and branding.

Our Idea

We created the brand Apex from scratch, while focusing on their simplicity and honesty in their intent, while also positioning them as a brand that could deliver. We managed to convert their vision into a logo and a website, along with other collaterals like brochures that clearly stood for the brand’s philosophy.

Satisfied with this, we went ahead and created the identity of their first project, aptly named ‘Wildernest’ – beautiful farmhouses surrounded with virgin nature and organic farming. Then, based on our research, we simply highlighted why the customer should invest.

The Result

We managed to create a brand that highlighted customer service, coupled with honesty and integrity. As expected, the project received an overwhelming response on opening.

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