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The Company

Prakash Menon is a proven world-class retail supply practitioner and expert.

The Challenge

Prakash Menon, a name synonymous with Retail Expertise has been a thought leader with over two decades of experience. An avid and gifted writer and orator, Prakash were generating a lot of excellent content in various modes – for both – retail and thought leadership. Hence, it became critical for him to ensure that he was seen and heard on relevant platforms.

Our Idea

We diligently studied his current profile and created a detailed strategy for the next 6 months. Right from the he needed to build to how and when he should do that – Phi’s all-encompassing strategy and its seamless execution ensured that we were able to capture Prakash’s vision and requirement. The first thing that we suggested him to do was – name. Prakash was also known by various other ‘names’ like Prakash PK Menon, PK, PK Menon, Prakash Menon…This was creating unnecessary confusion on multiple platforms and he was losing out on his brand image. Phi suggested that he stick to one name – Prakash Menon – which would help him create a uniform and standard brand image.

Also, Prakash was finally launching his much awaited – the ultimate Black Belt in Retail Series of books and Programs. With retail industry having a global audience and the fact that Prakash wanted to create a niche in the retail space we recommend to create a global brand under which all his offerings are offered. And that’s how Global Retail Academy came into existence.

The Result

We not only created new logos that further strengthened his brand but also ensured that his brand is seen, identified and recalled in a uniform way – across geographies and platforms! Phi created unique social media strategies on FB, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, linking it with relevant online promotions, thus unifying his image on desired platforms. The social media strategy entailed details on timing, content, geographies, platforms, promotions and communication.

Apart from this, Phi was consulted for upping the ante on their existing website, creating a neat and beautiful UI/UX with an international look and feel.

This has tremendously helped not only Prakash’s current profile but also got his new retail academy to a rocking start. Prakash’s hands are full – what with increase in their inquiries and evident conversions, global tie-up and collaborations and the increasing interest of his retail bible – The Black Belt in Retail Series!

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