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The Company

2020 Imaging is an innovation-led technology company headquartered in Singapore with presence in India and Middle East. It has developed radically new technologies in the space of data visualization, video analytics and alert management.

The Challenge

The foremost challenge for the company was that it was introducing the first-of-its-kind technology in the space of data visualization, video analytics and alert management. So, it was important to create a strong brand that clearly projected the company as a market leader in the futuristic technology space.

Our Idea

Given the nature of the business, one thing was certain – that the brand should clearly reflect that it was years ahead of others in terms of the technology solutions it offered. Entrusted with the humongous task of accomplishing the entire cycle of lead generation within a relatively small timeframe in India, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, we decided to use a mix of online and offline channels for maximum impact.

The website that we designed for them is a projection of their prowess in developing state-of-the-art technology for various applications. Their corporate brochure further accentuated their positioning as market leaders in providing futuristic technology solutions. Their housestyling, corporate presentations and marketing collaterals were also created with the same positioning in mind.

The Result

The project was successfully executed within the limited time given to us. Above all, the company garnered a very positive response at the launch and now on its way to becoming a brand to reckon with in advanced IT solutions space.

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