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The Company

A young brand of LED TV manufacturers, but an old hand at end-to-end manufacturing in consumer electronics. A true blue warrior of the ‘Make in India’ initiative !

The Challenge

With over 40 years of domain experience with white labelling, Wybor had launched its own brand and were retailing through online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

With plans to venture into brick and mortar retail format, it was pertinent to create a brand identity in the online space. An identity that stood firmly with the other established national and multinational brands on the retail shelf.

We revamped the online identity for Wybor – colorful, striking, vibrant, international and super duper savvy. With a riot of colors and interesting images & original product shoots, the website, with its own unique identity, confidently and proudly stands against the established brands in the same space. With clear categorisation of its products, and a brand new user experience, Wybor is confidently and sufficiently armed for the battle of market shares.

Our Idea

We redesigned the mnemonics that Wybor was using. The 22 new mnemonics are more clear, precise and sharp and have been used on multiple platforms of the brand i.e the website, the brochure, the TV packaging and the TV itself. This has created uniformity and the mnemonics now convey their intended meaning clearly.

And on the basis of a one line brief i.e to ‘make an impressive compact pocket size’, we created a leaflet for Wybor.

The Result

Ready to take on the market, Wybor has all the right ingredients to touch the ground running. Confidence and competency now clearly reflect in the brand imagery online. Wybor has great products, and Phi has helped Wybor become a ‘valued’ brand.

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